Bingo Chat Games

Aside from playing Bingo, chatting with other people can make the experience doubly fun. Another good thing about chatting while you're playing Bingo is that you can join in on chat games. The games played as well as the rules of the game tend to differ depending on the Bingo site you're on. Below are just a few of the popular ones.


A lot of Bingo sites offer chat games such as races, with each site coming up with a different variation. Some variations of this game are horse races, ladybug races, snail races, and train races. The chat host will usually announce the prize to be won before the beginning of the game. The Bingo player will choose a number from the B row (the first row) or the O row (the last row). The person will win the race if all the numbers in his chosen column are called. The racers will usually need to shout a word (e.g.: "neighhh" if it's a horse race) to signify that all their numbers have been called.


The players must submit their choice of 8 numbers before the start of the game (some sites will require that you pass only 6 numbers). The first 20 numbers that are called during the Bingo game are those that are used for Keno. If 3 or more (or 2 or more for those sites that require passing of only 6 numbers) of your numbers are among those 20 numbers called during the Bingo game, then you win. 

Mini Keno

Just like the game of Keno, you must also pick numbers, although this time, you will only have to choose two. If your two numbers appear as two of the first 10 numbers, then you will win a prize. If nobody wins after 10 numbers are called, then the one that wins during the next ten calls of numbers will still win a prize, albeit a smaller one. Although this one has prizes of a lesser amount than that of a regular keno game, this is still just as fun!


This game has a lot of variations. For the regular game of Nabors, the person who is above and the person who is below the winner in the list of persons in the chat room will win prizes. There's also a variation of this game, called Up and Down Nabors wherein you will get a bonus if you Bingo in chat. The good thing about this is that the person that is 2 places above you and the person 2 places below you on the list gets to have their bonus too. So even if you don't win the Bingo, if you're two places away from the winner on the list, then you get a bonus.

Birthday Bingo

You will give your birth date to the chat host in MM/DD/YY format. For those whose birth years are above the number 75 (or 90, depending on what kind of Bingo is being played on the site), then they will have the liberty to choose which number to pass as their birth year. For those who also have a repetition of numbers in their birthday (e.g.: 12/12/70), they will have to change one to make the game fair. Now if all three of the numbers you have are called, then you will have to yell something (usually "birthday" or "happy birthday to me") in chat in order for you to win. 

Alphabet Bingo

In this game, every letter in the alphabet has a corresponding bonus. The Bingo winners that are in chat will pick a letter from the alphabet and he will get the bonus for that. Once a letter has been called already, it cannot be chosen again. What's good about this game is that the people who are 4 places up and 4 places down in the list from the winner will also get the same bonus as the winner did. So even if you don't win Bingo, you'll still get a chance to win the bonus.

There are lots more chat games that you can choose from. Whether you will have to pay before engaging in a game is dependent upon the rules of the site. Whichever game you choose, though, you're sure to be in for a lot of fun!


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