Bingo Types

There are two main types of Bingo, these are US Bingo and UK Bingo (or Housie), on this page we give an overview of each type as well as giving you some information about Online Bingo.

UK Bingo or Housie

The game of Bingo played in the UK is exactly the same as the game called Housie which is popular in Australia and New Zealand. Each player has a bingo card with 15 numbers there are usually 5 numbers in each of the 3 rows (which have 9 columns and thus 4 blank cells per row). A Caller will usually say 'Eyes down' to indicate he or she is about to start calling out the numbers. The numbers are then randomly selected one at a time, either by using balls in a mechanical draw machine, by drawing numbered chips from a bag or by an electronic Random Number Generator. As the numbers are selected the caller calls them out, and often uses calling nicknames for the numbers as well as saying the number. These calling nicknames are commonly used in the UK however they are not as often used in New Zealand or Australia.

The numbers called range from 1 to 90 and the average length of time for a game of this type of bingo is between four and four and a half minutes.

US Bingo

In America and Canada bingo cards are 5 rows by 5 rows and every cell has a number so there are 25 numbers on each bingo card. The numbers called out range from 1 to 75 and these are called our by a caller as they are randomly selected in the same fashion as described in the UK version above.

Most bingo in the US is organized by churches or charity organizations although there are also commercial bingo in casinos ( In Nevada) and also in Bingo halls which are usually in the same location as an Native American / Indian run casino.

Online Bingo

You can play either UK bingo or US style Bingo at online bingo halls. Of course when playing online there are no balls being selected and there is no caller as it is all done electronically with a random number generator. When playing online bingo most software types allow you to play in an auto mode which most players do as most players will play more than one bingo card at a time and using the auto mode means they will never miss a number.

Chat games are available at most online bingo halls and these usually free games often bring as much joy to the players as playing the bingo itself. The chat feature allows the players to meet, socialize and chat during the online bingo game (talking is strictly forbidden during a game in a land based Bingo Hall). Some chat games also bring the chance to win more money.

Interaction & Jackpot Chances

Any gamer who loves interactive gaming will love web bingo – because it brings people together in a whirl of instant-chat screens, crazy lotto gaming and prizes from pennies to tens of thousands. What's more – you also get the chance to use your brain to win the chat games, and gain yourself some ego boosting gaming kudos



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